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Direct Mail Campaigns / Direct Response Marketing-

Response is the defining goal behind RME360’s direct mail program. What's our secret to consistently delivering campaigns with higher response rates for our clients?

  • We know a successful direct mail program goes well beyond just the mail package.
  • We have refined our process and built our company's reputation on being able to consistently deliver the comprehensive solutions necessary to achieve success in direct mail.
  • We leverage data to find prospects who we know will be receptive to your messaging and offer.
  • From the elegance of a high-end invitation to the urgency of our proprietary Express Envelope, we develop impactful and personalized creative that cuts through the clutter of the mailbox and speaks directly to your target audience. 
  • We craft well-thought-out and attention-grabbing offers and then use the web and our in-house telephony services to extend your messaging beyond the mail piece, tracking every interaction along the way.

And here's the best part: the possibilities are virtually limitless. We use the latest in variable print technology to produce highly personalized and targeted mail pieces that get opened and generate a response. We even designed a program that allows you to integrate testing with different looks, different offers and different messages right into the same overall program. Now you will know which campaign and creative generated the best response to enhance future success.

Our innovative makeover program will bring you several impact-driving ideas and concepts for your campaign, using our experienced input and unique creative ability. We leverage proven and tested techniques to make a difference in how people respond to your direct mail.

Reaching prospects with a highly targeted and personalized message is the most effective way of engaging with your target audience . Speak with an RME Marketing Advisor today to discuss the many lead generating options you have for making a great impression with direct mail.