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Franchise Marketing

RME360 works with a variety of regional and national clients in the areas of consumer goods (Bush’s Beans), franchising (7-Eleven, Papa Murphy’s, Dunkin’ Donuts) and nonprofit (New York Blood Center, National Association of Realtors, National Association of Homebuilders).

Because of RME360’s visionary leadership, we have amassed one of the most unique databases in the industry. This database contains responder information from more than 485,000 marketing campaigns that we have executed over nearly two decades. It is this database, combined with custom-designed modeling techniques, that gives RME360 the edge when it comes to identifying unique, common traits (beyond just age, household income, zip code and standard demographic profiles), which significantly impact prospects and that gets them to respond.

Our integrated campaigns are focused on helping our clients dramatically improve every aspect of their communications with prospects and current clients alike. We strive to use the latest technology in direct mail, digital marketing, and telephony services to execute high impact, response-driven marketing campaigns.

By partnering with our clients, we are able to review and analyze their marketing efforts to develop new concepts and ideas that will maximize and increase their response rates. Here at RME360, it’s all about results and marketing ROI.

Contact your RME360 Marketing Advisor today to learn about our data-driven marketing programs and see how we can custom tailor a marketing solution to fit the needs of your growing franchise.

Download our brochure "Effective Strategies for Franchisee Prospecting Events" HERE!