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SeminarSuccess - Seminar Marketing For Financial Professionals

RME360 puts the social back in social marketing. Long before social media took over the majority of marketing discussions, we pioneered the original social marketing concept: seminar marketing. And while others are still trying to figure out how to calculate an ROI from their social media, we know exactly how well our programs pay off for our clients. We have promoted over 485,000 events and connected over 17+ million consumers with our clients. That experience is put to work with every new campaign we produce. No other marketing company can offer our solutions. 

 Here's our approach: 

STEP 1: The Right List

RME360 uses one of the largest, most reputable and detailed list databases in the world to take the guesswork out of who is coming to your event. By using multiple data files, we identify the age, income, zip code criteria and other available selects. Most RME360 event mailings generate between 1.5% and 3% response rates, depending on how well you stick to our proven formulas. You know the areas around your local markets better than anyone. We combine your local knowledge with our unique data to create the best response.

Seminar Success utilizes one of the largest and most reputable, detailed list databases in the world to identify the ideal prospects within a 10-15 mile radius of your dinner seminar venue. Working with your personal RME360 marketing consultant, we’ll select the right criteria (age, household income, income producing assets, home ownership, etc.) to create a list of your ideal client prospect. When done correctly and consistently, our event mailings generate a 300%-400% return on your marketing investment.

STEP 2: The Right Invitation

The right list and incentives account for about 80% of a successful event or seminar. The remaining 20% is the invitation. For an invitation to work, the envelope and the letter must create attention and have the right components to get the desired response. Our envelopes and invitations are designed to work together. They inspire your prospects to open the letter and keep reading, and they make good impressions. You can view samples of our invitations here.

STEP 3: The Right Offer

The right offer will motivate your target to respond and to attend your seminar. For example, when the prospect calls to RSVP for your seminar, our operator can say, “…and as a preliminary thank you for attending the seminar, we’d like you to know that you will have a chance to win $2,000 as well as other door prizes at the conclusion of the seminar.” This greatly enhances the RSVP-to-attendance ratio. RME360 provides a variety of incentives that can be added to your offer to increase attendance or to reward prospects you convert at the event. Be sure to ask us about the options when you call.

Speak with one of our RME360 Marketing Consultants today to get started developing a Seminar Success® campaign customized to your budget and target demographic.