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Talking Mail - Personalized Email Solutions for Business

TalkingMail by RME360 is a revolutionary way to increase your response rates by leveraging the power of personalized communication to elevate the results of any direct marketing campaign

We use personalized URLs (PURLs) to motivate prospects to visit their own customized microsites. We integrate personalized data-driven messaging with highly trackable page interaction and even integrate video hosts to deliver content in a more personal way.

Our proprietary analytics engine tracks every click of each visitors’ interactions with your content, giving you insights into the effectiveness of the campaign and information about your prospects needs and interests. The insights gathered from our analytics allow you to make better decisions, give you the ability to continually improve your marketing and zero in on messages that resonate with your target audience.

After seeing they aren't visiting some generic webpage but instead custom landing pages made just for them, recipients feel more engaged and are more likely to give out their information and to sign up for an event or a face-to-face meeting.

With TalkingMail by RME360, you'll gain key insights into your prospects' levels of interest and know instantly who is reading your message. This direct-mail-to-web connection is the most advanced and personalized way of communicating with prospects or current clients.

Targeting your audience more effectively has never been easier with a TalkingMail campaign by RME360. Talk to your RME Marketing Consultant today to learn how to put this powerful lead generation tool to work for your firm!