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How Effective Are Seminars?

Financial Seminar for a Financial Advisor

It is an uncontestable fact that seminars, when done correctly, generate a consistent flow of qualified and motivated prospects as well as the best ROI. In fact, a recent survey of top seminar producers shows an average ROI of more than 300%. If you think that sounds too good to be true, do the math. If you invest $10,000 in a seminar marketing campaign that generates 40 buying units and you close only 10% of those prospects (assuming an average commission of just $7,500), you’ll have an ROI of 300%.

        With all that said, it’s critical to have a campaign mindset when planning your seminar marketing. That means you have to commit to at least 6 campaigns before assessing the success or failure of seminars. Additionally, you must look at seminar marketing as an investment, not an expense. Think of seminar marketing in the same way you tell your prospects to think about retirement and investment planning: a long-term plan and not immediate gratification.

        Two decades of data shows that prospects – yes, even affluent prospects – have, do and will attend dinner seminars. Remember, you have to follow the proven seminar marketing formulas and promote seminar topics that are of interest and concern to your target prospects. This means you have to work with a seminar marketing company that has experience, data and proven results. Mom-and-pop printers may cost less, but they are just putting ink on paper; they aren’t engaged or well-versed in targeting and getting affluent baby boomers and seniors to respond to your seminar invitations. When choosing a seminar marketing company, be sure to do your due diligence: use the same critical eye you use when selecting an investment or insurance product for a client when selecting a marketing partner.

        Finally, no matter if you’ve done seminars in the past, are doing them now or want to start using seminars to generate new prospects, find a mentor. Identify someone who is a successful seminar marketer and learn from that person. It will make you a better overall seminar marketer by avoiding common mistakes and you’ll also pick up many techniques to improve your ROI.

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