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What is Seminar Marketing?

Seminar Attendance

Seminar marketing is the opportunity to present your expertise and knowledge to a group of people in order to find clients and generate new business. RME360 is the first company to produce a comprehensive seminar marketing package that includes all of the tools, resources and support to make sure your event is a resounding success.

Over two decades ago, Jorge Villar pioneered the use of dinner seminars for financial professionals to acquire new clients in a relaxed environment. Gathering people at a nice restaurant and offering them a free course on financial planning while they dined was the best approach for introducing financial professionals to high net-worth clients without the stress of an in-office meeting.

Several factors go into making a successful RME360 dinner seminar, but the only thing you focus on is what to talk about. 

RME360 handles the location reservations, the invitation writing, targeting and list procurement, postage and mailing and the RSVP calls. This frees up financial advisors' time for more productive uses like meeting with clients and conducting business,  not handling RSVP phone calls or worrying about mail delivery.

Speak with one of our RME360 Marketing Consultants today to discuss building a custom seminar marketing campaign to bring in new leads and gain new clients.